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Safety Warning:
Any tire and wheel , no matter how well constructed has the possibility of failure due to improper maintenance or servie factors. To help in preventing risk of property damage or risk of serious injury, please note the following:

  • Tire failure may occur due to a variety of factors, including under inflation, over inflation, punctures, overloading, or misapplication.
  • Follow owner's manual or tire placard on vehicle for instructions.
  • Explosion of tire/rim assembly due to improper mounting may occur. Only specially trained persons should mount tires!
  • Check inflation pressure regularly with an accurate pressure gauge.
  • Verify fitment before mounting to ensure safety.
  • For best performance and longer possible life , routine care and mainenance is required.

Tire & Wheel Care:
Overloading / Abuse: If your trailer is overloaded, tire failure can occur very quickly. Care must be taken to see that the weight of your unit does not exceed the load capacity of the tires, or trailer manufacturer's Gross Vehicle Weight rating ( GVW)

Care must also be taken to avoid tire damage due to cuts, abrasions or impact with curbs, potholes, etc.

The tire load rating branded on the side of the tire sidwall is valid only when the tire is inflated to the specified pressure. Tire inflation pressure will vary due to changes in temperture, altitude and normal air loss over time. To ensure adequate load carrying capacity and durability the inflation pressure of each tire ( including the spare) should be checked frequently when the tires are cool and adjusted to match the rating shown on the sidewall.

Wheel Lug Torque:
All lug nuts ( or bolts) must be checked and torqued tot he vehicle manufaturer's specifications after the first 25, 50, and 75 miles. Retorquing must be done periodically and every time that the wheel lugs nuts are removed for any reason.

Tire Warranty:
Tires are warranted by their MANUFACTURER.
If you should have any problems with or require additional information reguarding the tires you have purchased, please contact the manufacturer of the specific tire brand. Do not disguard the defective tire before contacting the Manufacturer.
Duro Tire: 1-800-966-8473
TBC ( Triangle, Tow Max) - 1-800 739-7698
Goodyear- 1-800 321-2136
Tireco-( Nanco,Mission, Nankang, Milestar, Freestar, Highlife)-1-800-937-9433
Innova/Driver- 1-800-428-1541
Loadstar- 1-800-225-1714