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2 Pole Molded Rubber Trailer Harness:
#474200 --This Trailer Connector is used to hook up CB radios and other accessories. Includes a plug on both ends.

4 & 5 Pole Molded Rubber Trailer Harness
#474400, 474600, 474403, 474603 -- Commonly known as the "Flat 4-way" plug, this style Trailer Connector is most widely used for boat and utility trailers without electric brakes. The 5 pole has an added 16-gauge red wire as a fifth terminal for brake solenoid or other auxiliary use. Commonly used on newer boat trailers.

4 Pole “Knockout” Molded Rubber Trailer Harness Kit #474800 --The "Knockout" is a 4-way polarized (female) Molded Trailer Connector with a weatherproof dust cover that snaps into the 1 1/4" license light hole on any 8 gauge pickup bumper. There is an optional mounting bracket for vehicles without license light holes in the bumper. The "Knockout" mates with most flat 4 Pole male connectors, and eliminates the unsightly under-vehicle trailer connector hanger.

4 Pole Molded Rubber Trailer Split Wiring Harness Kits
#475400, 475450, 475500, 475550 -- Used to wire stop, turn and tail lights on boat and utility trailers, complete harness includes the tow vehicle plug, and a "wishbone" type 4- conductor harness designed to split at the trailer tongue and run down each side of the trailer. The polarized flat connectors with color coded 18 gauge wires meet SAE specifications.

6 Pole Molded Rubber Trailer Harness
#475000 & 475200 -- This 6 Pole Molded Rubber Trailer Connector has color-coded wires for simple installation and is polarized to ensure a proper connection. The molded case offers all-around weather protection. This Connector is used on most tent trailers.

6 & 7 Pole Molded Trailer Cord
#475570, 475580 & 475590 -- These 6-way and 7-way Molded Trailer Cords have encapsulated terminals and wires to form a single weather-tight, noncorrosive assembly. This feature keeps the moisture out and allows for a more secure connection.

6 & 7 Pole Vehicle Cord
#475553, 475555, 475560 & 475565 -- The sealed Vehicle End Connector with cable features encapsulated terminals and wires to fight corrosion and ensure a quality connection. The connector is made of high strength thermo-plastic for a very attractive look. Matching metal vehicle connector brackets also available.